Regufoam® sound 10

Product Details

Physical Data

weighted impact noise reduction as per ISO 717-2ΔLW ≥ 34 dB
Mean value for dynamic rigidity as per DIN EN 29052-1s' t ≤ 10 MN/m³
Thermal conductivityλ = 0.046 W/mK
Thermal resistanceR = 0.331 m² K/W
Fire classification according to DIN 4102/DIN EN 13501-1Class E (B2)
Maximum traffic loadup to 2,500 kg/m² (25 kN/m²)
Compressibility as per DIN EN 12431c ≤ 2.0 mm, deformation-resistant, compressible volume
General Technical ApprovalZ-23.21-1905

Performance and evaluation of test as per DIN 18134,sample measurements and testing facility as per DIN EN 826. Tested by Technical University Dresden.