Examples of Use

Example Trains


Regupol® Growth-Inhibiting Mats are used for high-speed tracks and at points and signal systems where in the past, high train frequencies have made it necessary to close down the tracks during mowing work in the interests of personnel safety. Similarly, the mats are also ideal as working surface and for service paths. As shown in the left, a length of 1,000 m² has been installed as service path for the car train facility in Westerland/Sylt. Here the mat is convincing not only by inhibiting vegetation growth but also by creating a nonslip surface.

Example Fence


Even where the fences are anchored to the ground because of safety reasons, solutions for vegetation control are possible by sealing the mat at the wire and pillar with a special joint filter. The most economic way of installing is typically to move the material under the fences. The vegetation stop is completed by perfect sealing along the seams.

Example Airport


Navigation lights, signs and fences now remain maintenance-free with Regupol® Growth-Inhibiting Mats. Therefore it is sufficient to monitor the areas by sight from a vehicle.

Important: Due to the non-need of mowing less birds are attached.

Regupol® Growth-Inhibiting Mats

Solar filed

Fences and areas beneath the collectors on solar fields are reliably and permanently protected by Regupol® Growth-Inhibiting Mats against any growth. This means that they remain visible and plants do not cast any shadows. The ground is not sealed and can be reused for agriculture at any time.