Examples of Use

Regupol® resist solar underneath the feet of thin-layer-modules
Regupol® resist solar is put underneath the feet of thin-layer modules. With the optional self-adhesive finish, the cuts can already be attached to the feet in the factory, which facilitates mounting on the roof.
Product image Regupol® resist solar
In an order is large enough, BSW will ship Regupol® resist solar in the desired size and shape pre-cut, die-cut or as stripes. Variable thicknesses are available as well.
Regupol® resist solar underneath crystalline modules
Regupol® resist solar underneath crystalline modules. BSW ships the material to numerous system and equipment manufacturers of the photovoltaics industry, which has led to the many different varieties of material.
Regupol® resist solar
Regupol® has already been applied as a protective layer on flat roofs for decades, demonstrating its reliability as effective protection and its longevity throughout this time.
Graphic Regupol® resist solar and Regupol® walkway AK
Regupol® resist solar and the elastic and light tiles for maintenance paths, Regupol® walkway AK.