Regupol® walkway AK

Product Details

Regupol® walkway AK Protective Layers
Regupol® walkway AK Elastic Pavement Tiles

Chemically compatible with all types of membranes

The elastic pavement tiles Regupol® walkway AK serve as inspection paths on flat roofs and as protective basic elements for solar collectors, antennas and building engineering equipment. Their flame-retardant properties make Regupol® walkway AK resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat. They meet the requirements of “hard roofing”.

Their dense, viscoplastic material properties protect the membrane. Compared to concrete tiles, their low weight greatly facilitates installation and is a static advantage. Thanks to a simple dowel system, installing the tiles is easy and they can be used instantly.

Their underside is lined with aluminium foil to counteract the plasticiser loss of non-rubber-compatible membranes. The available colours of red and black can mark the maintenance paths even at low visibility. On their undersides are crosswise drainage grooves, which makes it possible to position them in any direction towards the incline.

Regupol® walkway AK with general appraisal certificate no. P-20151807.

The general appraisal certificate confirms that Regupol® walkway AK is resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat according to DIN V ENV 1187.

The test was performed on both standard old roof varieties, FPO and bitumen membranes.

One version of Regupol® walkway AK is produced without aluminium lamination.
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