Regupol® resist solar AK

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Regupol® resist solar

Burning protection underneath Solar Modules

With this product, Regupol® resist solar AK offers a selection of protective layers that has been specifically developed for the installation of photovoltaic systems on flat roofs. The protective layers are marked by their extremely long product life as well as their high mechanical load-bearing capacity. A large selection of product alternatives allows users to find the fitting protective layer for the different types of flat roofs and solar plants.

Construction Graphic Regupol® resist solar on flat roofs
1 solar modules | 2 Regupol® resist solar | 3 Regupol® walkway AK | 4 roof membrane | 5 heat insulation | 6 vapour barrier | 7 load-bearing roof construction

Regupol® resist solar AK ensures that solar systems are solidly positioned due to high coefficients of friction while at the same time protecting the roof membrane against damage.
Regupol® resist solar AK is available in standard sizes or is “custom cut” to the individual construction.

Regupol® resist solar AK is available in different varieties:

Lamination with a triplex aluminium foil on the underside

This prevents plasticiser migration between non-rubber-compatible roof membranes (e.g. soft PVC) and the protective layer. Protected by German utility model (issued by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office).

Flame-retardant finish

This alternative is considered “hard roofing” as it protects the roof against flying sparks, radiant heat
and fireworks.

Self-adhesive finish

An adhesive layer serves as a mounting aid to secure the protective layer at the footprints and attach
Regupol® resist solar AK to the solar system even prior to its installation on the roof.

These finishes may be combined with one another, which makes for a broad range of product varieties.

Product Varieties

Regupol® Aluminium laminationFlame-retardant finish Self-adhesive lamination
of the top side

To avoid the migration
of plasticisers
To protect against flying sparks, radiant heat and fireworksTo secure the protective layer at the solar system
resist solar AK (1, 4)

resist solar FH AK (1, 2, 4, 5)YesYes-
resist solar AK SK (1, 4)
resist solar FH AK SK (1, 2, 4)YesYesYes
Also suitable for the protection of flat roof installations (3)
resist FH (2, 3, 5)-Yes-
resist SK (3)--Yes
resist FH SK (2, 3)-YesYes
Roofing and Pavement Tiles (2, 5)-Yes-
walkway AK (1, 2)YesYes-

1 Chemically compatible with all types of membranes.

2 Flame-resistant: classification BRoof (t1) according to DIN EN 13501-5 after DIN V ENV 1187 test.

3 These four Regupol® building protection sheets are generally used for the protection of rubber-compatible roof membranes. They are also suitable underneath solar systems and other types of structures. The detailed technical data for Regupol® resist are listed here.

4 Protected by German utility model (issued by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office).

5 With general appraisal certificate no. P-20150703.