Regupol® resist solar

Technical Details

Material Prefabricated PUR-bound rubber granulate with optional fire protection finish and underside lined with triplex aluminium foil.
Standard Size of Rolls10,000 x 1,250 x 6, 8, 10
6 rolls per euro pallet
Customized goods in different lengths, thicknesses (possible thicknesses up to 20 mm) and widths (beginning from 50 mm) are available on request.
Weight per unitapprox. 4.5 kg/m² at 6 mm thickness
Low-Temperature Stabilityto -40 °C
Thermostabilityto +90 °C
Tensile Strength of the Triplex Aluminium Foilunder tensile load σR= 1.50 N/mm², in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1798
Elongation at Break of the Regupol® MaterialYR = 30 %, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1798
Compression Stressat 25 % deformation 0.70 N/mm², DIN EN ISO 3386/2
Electromagnetic Shield
at 1 GHz
max. approx. 35 dB
Reaction to Fire ClassificationE in line with EN 13501-1:2007
Migration of PlasticisersDoes not occur due to aluminium lining on underside.
Dynamic coefficient of friction
(cohesive and dynamic friction)
Can be tested on our own test bench under laboratory conditions upon request (using the individual system weights / frame constructions).
Protective layeraccording to the norm DIN 18531