Regupol® Roofing and Pavement Tiles

MaterialPUR-bound rubber fibres or rubber granules dyed thoroughly, with fire protection finish.
StructureOne-layer structure made of compacted, highly resistant material, underside with drainage grooves; edges with dowel holes, dummy joint on the top side at 500 mm.
ColoursRed Brown, Green, Black; other colours upon request.
Areas of applicationMaintenance paths on flat roofs with and without load, base panels for solar systems, antennas, building engineering equipment, etc.
InstallationOn elastomer-bitumen membranes, plastic membranes, liquid membranes, integrated in green roofs, underneath solar modules.
Size and Weight1,000 x 500 x 43 = approx. 35 kg/m²
1,000 x 500 x 30 = approx. 24 kg/m²
Toleranceslength /width+/- 1 %, thickness +/- 2 mm
Low-Temperature Stabilityto- 40 °C
Thermostabilityto + 120 °C
Thermal Conductivitycalculation value = 0.14 W/mK
Migration of PlasticisersInstallation on roof membranes which are not rubber-compatible may cause migration of plasticisers. With some plastic membranes (PVC soft) an additional aluminium foil is therefore required.