everroll® relax

everroll relax

Product details

everroll® relax is a mat product made from dense, reconstituted foam bonded to a traditional tatami textured vinyl cover. This product is ideal for the use with all types of yoga exercises. The mats are typically laid wall-to-wall in order to create a studio floor providing comfort and optimum safety when holding difficult positions or moving back into a normal position from inversions and joint sensitive poses.

Material compositionRe-bonded, re-constituted foam core with tatami textured vinyl cover and anti-slip bottom layer
Thickness13 mm
ColoursBlue, Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, Grey, Green, Light Green, Black, Orange, Sand
Dimensions2,000 x 1,000 mm

Special properties and benefits:

  • ideal for yoga, pilates and similar studio activities
  • high comfort level assisting to retain constant temperature and humidity level
  • no need for roll-up mats; towels may be laid down individually

Designs and areas of application for everroll® relax

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*Where direct, long-lasting or repeated skin contact with the flooring is expected, it must comply with the requirements on a consumer product in accordance with EU regulations. Where this is not expected, a selection can be made from the complete portfolio of decors. Products that meet the requirements on a consumer product are explicitly marked as such. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact your sales representative or write to us via our contact form.