Regupol® sound 12

Regupol sound 12

Product details

Regupol® sound 12 is a resilient, sound-absorbing sheet product for area-elastic sports flooring systems, typically with a wooden sports floor on top. Regupol® sound 12 can be combined with plywood sheets for load distribution. Different types of “sports parquet” can be used on top of the plywood layer in order to achieve a system build-up that fulfills the requirements on area elasticity for aerobics and similar group training. Regupol® sound 12 can also be used as a system component of other composite floor build-ups.

Material compositionReconstituted PUR compound
ThicknessResilient layer: 17 mm, profiled
Colour combinationsBrown-Beige, dark particles
Dimensions of sheet1,200 x 1,000 mm
Upper side laminated with green aluminium foil
Force reductionThe force reduction rating of the resilient layer is not as crucial as the force reduction rating of the entire system build-up, including the intermediate plywood layer and the sports parquet top layer.

Special properties and benefits

  • area elasticity
  • reduction of footfall noise
  • adequate force reduction effect for group training
  • easy installation