Regupol® sound insulation

Product details

Activities in fitness studios undoubtedly result in impact sound emissions. Weight training equipment, free weights, dumbbells and kettlebells used by fitness athletes typically generate impact sound and vibration which, combined with footfall noise, can easily cause arguments with other tenants in the same building, or with other users of the fitness facility on the floor above or below.

Apart from its extensive range of traditional sports flooring products, BSW is also a leading manufacturer of products for impact sound attenuation and vibration control as often required in the building industry. BSW offers a variety of solutions in this segment and has recently started to focus  on these applications in the fitness segment.

BSW advises architects and acoustics consultants, as well as facility owners and operators, on acoustical challenges typically faced in fitness facilities that are part of multi-level buildings.

The acoustic properties of BSW's products for impact sound attenuation and vibration control have been precisely documented. These products have proven their performance in numerous construction projects where impact noise levels and vibrations needed to be addressed and reduced accordingly.

Areas of application

New construction and existing buildings in which fitness facilities are accommodated.

Contact us and one of our experts will work with you to devise an effective concept for reducing impact sound.