Regupol® Sports Surfaces for Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGA)

The Ideal Sports Surface for Competition, Training, Leisure and Play

Six different sports floorings for playfields in outdoor facilities form the Regupol® range of sports surfaces for small playfields. Whether for basketball, handball, volleyball or tennis, whether for multipurpose playfields (MUGA), schoolyards or playgrounds - the variety of Regupol® use-surfaces, elastic layers and installation systems provide the right quality for every kind of sport and for every performance level.

Regupol® sports surfaces for small playfields are differentiated by their elasticity, their use surfaces and their installation technology. One important characteristic of a Regupol® sports surface for outdoor facilities is ist long service live even when used intensively. Careful material composition, production and installation guarantee long, low-maintainance use, independent of weather influences. All Regupol® sports surfaces offer an ideal balance between fastness and minimal stress on joints.



Premanufactured sports surface consisting of polymerically bound selected rubber particles, engineered and prefabricated into roll good that is uniform in thickness and density. Base mat consists of high resilient black rubber and has a laminated wear coat consisting of highly compressed EPDM granules.
Areas of application
The ideal sports surface for each kind of sport, highly abrasion resistant and easy to maintain.
Regupol® EPDM is the fast sports surface for speedy boys and girls. Regupol® EPDM provides not only a near identical ball bounce as asphalt but it also reduces the impact noise of balls. Installed in cool colours, Regupol® EPDM creates a perfect streetball area and leaves nothing to be desired.
Areas of application
Sport surfaces for multi-use games areas (MUGA) for all trendy sports such as streetball; other ball games focused on speed.
Regupol® Interlocking Pavers can be installed either on bound or unbound sub-bases just like the common concrete pavers and even combined with corresponding surfaces as they have the same dimensions. This results in elastic sports surfaces that merge smoothly with paths, courts and other Areas (MUGA).
Areas of application
Sport surfaces for multi-use games areas, (MUGA) kickabout areas, surfaces beneath table tennis tables, adjacent areas of playgrounds and sport pitches.
Regupol® Elastic Tiles are sport surfaces perfectly suited for multifunction sports pitches focused on fun and games. They are the ideal sports surface for kickabout areas, streetball courts, table tennis tables, etc.
Areas of application
Multi-use games areas, kickabout areas, surfaces beneath table tennis tables, adjacent areas of playgrounds, etc.
Regupol® Elastic Tiles EPDM provide top-quality decorative sport and play areas with durable intensive colours. They offer the same functional properties as Regupol® Elastic Tiles.
Areas of application
Decorative multifunctional sport pitches (MUGA), surfaces beneath table tennis tables, etc.
The elastic Regupol® Edging Blocks are ideal for avoiding sporting injuries. Many outdoor swimming pools offer courts for beach volleyball. But if players stub their bare toes against a concrete paver or eben fall against it on their back, they may need a doctor.
Areas of application
For streetball-, volleyball- and other playing fields. Perfectly suited for combination with Regupol® sport surfaces.