Forming and shaping synthetic surfaces

A place for movement, a place for meeting. For urban spaces, demands and expectation are constantly increasing. They aim to encourage old and young, fit and not so fit, runners, walkers and riders to get up and go. For this, spaces and surfaces are needed that are inclusive, not exclusive, and provide motivation for activity through their aesthetics and functionality.

How can you motivate people to become more active?

For older people, a soft, pleasant surface underfoot can be inviting enough for them to go for walks. Bright, colourful areas boost the feel-good factor and encourage children to play. Skaters enthusiastically take up the challenges presented by hills, while traceurs love obstacles and gymnastic apparatus. To provide as many people as possible with outdoor exercise spaces adapted to their particular needs, planners need to take different age groups, social milieus and different concepts of life into consideration. Classical small play areas exist alongside modern parkour and skater facilities, merging seamlessly to form large spaces for multifunctional and unconventional usage.

Smooth transitions between areas for exercise and public social spaces can be created using Regupol sports and outdoor flooring from BSW. Brightly coloured playing areas set themselves apart from pathways in more natural colour tones, yet both surfaces merge into each other completely barrier-free. The colour schemes for the two areas can either adapt to the natural surroundings or deliberately stand out, highlighting a strong contrast. The aesthetic and functional properties of this flooring provide the basis for creating urban spaces that encourage activity. Wherever fall protection is needed, this floor-type can soften the impact of falls from up to three metres. It has a soft feel to it and is consequently very pleasant underfoot, especially for runners and walkers. Thanks to this composition and texture, it gives support to certain movements, is easy on joints and is highly resilient. On top of this, its elasticity is also sound reducing, giving planners the opportunity to set up relaxation zones next to the ball game courts. Integrated into the floor are also board and movement games, which help to create an area which can combine movement with meeting. Besides promoting interaction, they also have the advantage that any movement by those involved will be more casual and spontaneous.

Water is an essential component of nature. Flowing water has a calming and relaxing effect, while cold water offers a welcome opportunity to cool off in hot temperatures. And water can be integrated into urban spaces as a natural element, which children in particular find irresistible for playing in and exploring. The playfix flooring from BSW is non-slip, even when it’s wet, making it the ideal surface for water play areas.

There are many different ways in which urban spaces can encourage people to be more active and enjoy movement. Whatever the functional and aesthetic aspirations of these spaces may be, BSW’s outdoor floor surfaces make a significant contribution to supporting them. 

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