Regupol® fastrack AG

Regupol® fastrack AG

Product Details

Every old running track or game court must be renewed when they have eventually reached a certain life-span. Such renovations typically require a considerable budget along with a loss in revenue for cancelled training sessions and competitions. The perfect solution is the Regupol® fastrack renovation system offered by manufacturer BSW. New sports floorings can be built within a short period of time – at price ranges that no other concept can compete with.

The running track Regupol® fastrack can be installed loosely on top of the existing subbase such as an existing cinder track. The necessity for a cost-intensive removal and reconstruction of an engineered base is eliminated. Owners and operators of sports facilities realise that a refurbishment with Regupol® fastrack can be carried out extremely fast at the lowest cost.

The Installation

Treshing floor Fastrack
1. Regupol® fastrack - Threshing-floor
Coasting of the prefabricated base mat Fastrack
2. Regupol® fastrack - Coasting of the prefabricated base mat
Application a stabilising fibre mat Fastrack
3. Regupol® fastrack - Application of a stabilising fibre mesh
Closing the pores of the base mat with liquid polyurethane Fastrack
4. Regupol® fastrack - Closing of the pores of the base mat with liquid polyurethane
Application of liquid polyurethane Fastrack
5. Regupol® fastrack - Application of liquid polyurethane
Application wearing surface consisting EPDM granules Fastrack
6. Regupol® fastrack - Application of wearing surface consisting of EPDM granules

The advantages

  • no exchange of soil
  • no asphalt base
  • no tipping of the old base
  • fast construction within two weeks
  • floating installation
  • considerably lower cost compared to other renovation methods
  • considerably lower cost of disposal on the occasion of future renovation