Regupol® PD IS Running Track

Regupol® PD IS Athletic Track

Product Details

Due to its simple installation Regupol® Running Track PD IS is the economic solution. The system is quick to install. After years of use the wearing surface of the runnning track can show first abrasions. A new layer can be applied easily and cost effectively without the need to remove the entire system.


Asphalt layer on sub-ballast Regupol PD IS
1. Regupol® PD IS - Asphalt layer on sub-ballast
Application of sealing Regupol PD IS
2. Regupol® PD IS - Application of sealing
Application base mat Regupol PD IS
3. Regupol® PD IS - Application of base mat consisting of rubber granules (in situ installation) and polyurethane binders
Structural spray coating Regupol PD IS
4. Regupol® PD IS -Structural spray coating consisting of liquid polyurethane and EPDM granules