Application Areas

Regupol stands out with extraordinary toughness

Protection from Mechanical Impacts

Regupol® stands out with extraordinary toughness. The material withstands many different mechanical impacts, from large surface loads through to point loads and friction forces.


Objects or people falling with an impact may quite easily be damaged or injured. The elasticity of all four BSW materials helps to reduce the undesirable results of falling.

BSW materials offer impact sound insulation


All four BSW materials offer impact sound insulation; Recoflex® and Variofoam® also offer protection from airborne sound. For years, BSW has supplied impact sound insulation products in particular to renowned companies in the chemical and building materials industry.

Vibration Insulation

BSW is one of the market’s leading suppliers of materials for vibration insulation and structure-borne noise insulation in the building and machine construction industry.

Regupol Anti-Slip Mats for the transport industry

Anti-Slip Solutions

Regupol® Anti-Slip Mats for the transport industry are offered not only under their familiar brand names but also as private labels by numerous retailers. The anti-slip surfaces of Regupol® materials have been tested in terms of performance capability and reliability.


Certain materials must be kept apart, often under adverse conditions. BSW’s separating layers are durable, dense and tough, and keep things apart if they are not meant to come together.

BSW's materials help to fix and seperate


Certain items must be transported or stored in the short or long term. BSW’s materials help to fix and separate such items.

Molded products

Molded products often have elastic insides. BSW materials can be found in furniture, internal structures, vehicles and machines.

BSW products offer high environment standard

Environment Protection

Thanks to the high environment standards of the BSW products, they can often be used where environment protection regulations preclude other materials.