Project Examples

We do not state any names, places or times in this context in the interests of our cooperation partners.

Project Examples: Natarajasana or Sirshasana? No problem!

Natarajasana or Sirshasana? No problem!

The people in the photo are practising Natarajasana, the dancer position. For this purpose they use a non-slip floor so as not to lose their balance. And Sirshasana? When standing on the head, everyone is grateful for an elastic and secure supporting position for the head and elbows. Both are provided by the full-surface Yoga floor that BSW has developed on behalf of a sports equipment dealer. The floor has a largely seamless and non-slip surface, its elastic layer reliably cushions point loads and makes it easier to remain in difficult body positions. The dealer is highly statisfied with his new Yoga floor and now used it to remain in difficult body positions. The dealer is highly statisfied with his new Yoga floor and has now used it to equip many yoga centres.

Project Example: Ecological, Sustainable, Kind to Health

Ecological, Sustainable, Kind to Health

A leading flooring manufacturer needed an elastic layer for a newly developed sports surfaces. Together with the sporting functionality, the key criterion was to fulfil compliance with environmental and health protection standards as defined in the general construction permit. BSW developed an elastic layer made of Regupol® whose material composition fulfils these standards. This gave the flooring manufacturer a key competitive advantage; since then, he advertises his product not only with his own name but also with Regupol®.

Project Example: When the Tea Cups Rattle in the Cupboard...

When the Tea Cups Rattle in the Cupboard...

... they are not happy in the UK. This is why BSW joined forces with a British wholesaler for construction acoustic products to develop a full range of vibration isolation and soundproofing materials. Together with BSW's already existing acoustic products, another 12 variations were developed in precise fulfilment of the British regulations and building requirements. BSW's extensive development work was followed by independent tests by British institutes until all the quality requirements and environment protection criteria were fulfilled. The subsequent market launch was a huge success.

Project Example: Tank Tracks? No, TANK TRACKS!!!

Tank Tracks? No, TANK TRACKS!!!

These tank tracks crush even the hardest of materials, including the concrete flooring of the hangars that house the Leopard tanks. To prevent this damage, BSW was given the job of developing a protective layer made of Regupol® to withstand the force exerted by the rolling tank tracks. The result was a thick, highly compacted Regupol® variation that withstands both the 62 tonnes in weight and the friction forces of the tank tracks. An soon the Leopard tank found themselves standing on an elastic covering that protected the floor.

Project Example: Neighbours? What Neighbours?

Neighbours? What Neighbours?

One of the highest and most modern buildings in the world was being fitted with luxury apartments. People living here only notice their neighbours if they really want to. BSW worked together with a leading adhesive manufacturer to develop highly efficient impact sound insulation especially for this project with long term functionality and a constantly high impact sound improvement coefficient under various different flooring types. More than 100,000 m² Regupol® have been fitted here, now ensuring that no-one will notice anyone else if they do not want to. Impact sound insulation with a good, well-deserving name: Regupol®.

Project Example: Grand Slam, Masters, ATP...

Grand Slam, Masters, ATP...

... and other international tennis tournaments benefit from Regupol®. One of the world's leading manufacturers of synthetic tennis surfaces uses various Regupol® variations as elastic layer in the composite system of their sports surfaces. The tennis surfaces comply with various different requirement profiles, starting with amateur tennis through to the international professional level of the sport. BSW has therefore developed several elastic layers to give the surface the required sport functionality in conjunction with the corresponding synthetic top layer. These tennis surfaces have meanwhile proved their worth all over the world.

Project Example: Fits beautifully

Fits beautifully

The manufacturer of a new series of machines needed an insulating material that fulfilled several properties. These included: soundproofing, oil resistance, high elasticity, buckling resistance, easy installation with a long term bond, high mechanical load rating, adequate tear resistance, low flammability, dimensional stability, all delivered in the required cuts and naturally at a low price. After several weeks, BSW presented its composite based on Variofoam® 2000. It fulfilled the requirements right from the start and has been fitted in the machines ever since.