Colour Decors

Colour Decors with Focus on Work and Play Flooring

A Decorative Chips is assigned to each colour. These decors are also available for our playfix® indoor flooring.

Shell white, G1
G1 |Shell white
cumulus, G2
G2 |Cumulus
fjord, G3
G3 |Fjord
basalt, G4
G4 |Basalt
Slate, G5
G5 |Slate
Ice blue, B1
B1 |Ice blue
Light indigo, B2
B2 |Light indigo
Remote blue, B3
B3 |Remote blue
Dark indigo, B4
B4 |Dark indigo
Sea blue, B5
B5 |Sea blue
Pale green, GR1
GR1 |Pale green
Avocado, GR2
GR2 |Avocado
Grass green, GR3
GR3 |Grass green
Blue spruce, GR4
GR4 |Blue spruce
Beech green, GR5
GR5 |Beech green
Birch white, Y1
Y1 |Birch white
Red beige, Y2
Y2 |Red beige
Dark beige, Y3
Y3 |Dark beige
Resin yellow, Y4
Y4 |Resin yellow
Pumpkin yellow, Y5
Y5 |Pumpkin yellow
Brown beige, BR1
BR1 |Brown beige
Pale brown, BR2
BR2 |Pale brown
Spruce brown, BR3
BR3 |Spruce brown
Hazelnut, BR4
BR4 |Hazelnut
Earth brown, BR5
BR5 |Earth brown
opal, R1
R1 |Opal
Matt rosé, R2
R2 |Matt rosé
Salmon red, R3
R3 |Salmon red
Brown orange, R4
R4 |Brown orange
Ruby, R5
R5 |Ruby

The colours may vary from original due to printing technology.

Colours and Decor Combinations

All base colours can also be combined with every Decorative Chips. The same applies for the PUR colours, they can be used primarily in sports halls.

30 decoelast® base colours
+ 30 Decorative Chips
= 900 combinations