Advantages of regugym® Flooring for Sports and Multipurpose Halls

Ideal Sliding Properties - Safe at Every Twist and Turn

The wear layer of all regugym® sports floors comes with a flat, dimpled structure. It reduces surface contact with the soles of sports shoes, achieving an ideal balance between anti-slip and sliding properties. The sliding friction value of regugym® complying with DIN 18032-2 for sports floors. Abrupt stopping and turning is facilitated together with sligh sliding, while preventing slipping movements. This balance reduces the risk of injury from stumbling or slipping, reduces the strain on the joints and provides ideal support for the normal movement sequences involved in ball games.

Uniform Elasticity - Fast and Safe

The relatively hard PUR top layer of regugym® floors enlarges the deformation impression under load. As point elastic flooring, regugym® reacts promptly with appropriate elasticity to even the smallest input, but this reaction takes place over such a wide area that the foot does not “sink” into a depression which would hinder any further movement. The result is therefore fast sport for athletes and safe games for children.

Reliable Shock Absorption - Protection for Children and Competition Athletes

With force-reduction values exceeding 50%, regugym® floors warrant reliable protection of joints and tendons. The latest research findings indicate that floors play a far greater role than shoes in joint protection. The force reduction values of regugym® in combination with the relatively flat deformation depression act like the natural ground that has been the basis for the evolution of the human locomotor system. Furthermore, regugym® reacts straightaway with appropriate shock absorption even to minor input for example from children, while always responding with the necessary elasticity to stronger input from adult athletes in ratio to the strength of the applied force. Even in professional sport, it is not possible to exceed regugym®’s elasticity maximum.

Resistant, Durable - Helps to Save Costs

regugym® is also extremely good value for money. The material and installation of a regugym® floor costs far less than a wooden sports floor construction. And that is not all. The durability and robust nature of regugym® minimise the need for refurbishment. Normally, a regugym® sports floor will last for decades. The surface is extremely resistant to mechanical impacts and to liquids, the elastic layer is moisture-proof and retains its shockabsorbing properties even after many years of use. regugym® needs only minimum care due to the closed-cell, seamless surface that prevents the accumulation of any dirt. These properties make regugym® an extremely worthwhile investment in both the short and the long term.