Environment and Health

Responsibility Leads to Quality

The equation “plastic = environmentally harmful” is a relic of the past. Legislation and regulations have meanwhile created stringent directives regarding health and safety as well as environment protection that have to be heeded by manufacturers, architects and building companies. regugym® is an exemplary product in this respect. All components in the flooring system comply with current provisions for environmental protection together with health and safety.

The polyurethanes used for the wear layer in regugym® also fulfil these requirements. They, too, are low-emission and completely harmless in skin contact.

Polyurethane is made of crude oil. But the long service life of regugym® keeps the consumption of this raw material at a very low level. If crude oil were used only for plastics production, the remaining oil sources would last for several hundred, if not thousand, years. Any more economical use is scarcely conceivable.

regugym® in itself is an energy source. Disposal of regugym® consists of incineration. Once regugym® sports flooring is removed after decades of use and incinerated in a modern facility, the resulting thermal energy released for use corresponds approximately to that of coal.


regugym® is one of the few polyurethane sports flooring systems that has consistently implemented environmental protection. regugym® can be used unhesitatingly in compliance with numerous building code regulations in many countries.