regugym® classic

Technical Details

Colour Schemes

The wear layers are made from polyurethane and offer a range of colour finishes. Altogether 16 base colours and 15 line colours are available in intensity and saturation levels that fulfil the demands of indoor sports. In addition, BSW has chosen 16 designs colours for primarily decorative purposes. In this way, it is possible to distinguish various different floor sections. Furthermore, BSW also develops special colours at the request of the customer. Visit our BSW Design Center and find out more.

Areas of Suitability

Ball Gamesbasketball, indoor football, handball, indoor hockey, volleyball, etc.
Racquet Sportstennis, badminton, table tennis, etc.
Gymnasticsfloor gymnastics, floor exercises
Fitnesscardio, spinning, gymnastics
Cultural and Commercial EventsRolling loads up to 1,000 N. Heavy rolling loads should move slowly. Vehicles should move only at walking pace, avoiding any abrupt steering movements. Do not drag sharp heavy objects across the floor.