regugym® eco

Product Details

The Proven Elastic Layer

The major innovation of the regugym® eco flooring system is its elastic layer consisting of a special formula made up of BSW’s Regupol® material. This is a particularly low-emission version of Regupol® that remains well below all current EU limit values.

Furthermore, BSW also gives other sports flooring manufacturers the opportunity to profit from the elastic layer. This version of Regupol® can also be used as the elastic component for the flooring systems of other manufacturers – as full-surface elastic layer in point and mixed elastic systems or as elastic pad in surface elastic vibration flooring.

regugym® eco inline

regugym® eco inline has been specially developed for rollerblading. The wear layer consists of extremely hard polyurethane and facilitates high-speed skating. However, in the event of a fall, the elastic layer also offers a certain cushioning effect. Furthermore, regugym® eco inline is the ideal fl ooring for commercial and cultural use.

Construction of regugym® eco

Construction of regugym eco
  1. PUR coloured layer
  2. PUR wear layer
  3. Pores sealed with PUR
  4. Regupol® elastic layer
  5. Adhesive layer
  6. Screed