regugym® neo

Product Details

The Proven Elastic Layer

The major innovation of the regugym® neo flooring system is its elastic layer consisting of a special formula made up of BSW’s Regupol® material. This is a particularly low-emission version of Regupol® that remains well below all current EU limit values according to DIN EN 14904.

BSW also gives other sports flooring manufacturers the opportunity to profit from this elastic layer. This version of Regupol® can also be used as the elastic component for the flooring systems of other manufacturers – as full-surface elastic layer in point and mixed elastic systems or as elastic pad in surface elastic vibration flooring.

regugym® neo

Composition of regugym® neo

  1. PUR coloured layer
  2. First PUR wear layer
  3. Second PUR wear layer
  4. Fibre webbing for load distribution
  5. Pores sealed with PUR
  6. Regupol® elastic layer
  7. Adhesive layer
  8. Screed