Regupol® RHM Squared Timber

Product Details

REGUPOL® RHM Squared Timber

Regupol® squared timbers are friction-increasing surfaces used for securing all kinds of general cargo that cannot be palletised and that are loaded by forklift truck or crane. The squared timbers act as spacers for positioning the forks or crane clamps when loading and unloading. They are fitted with Regupol® anti-slip mats on the top and bottom longitudinal side to give them a friction-increasing effect. The Regupol® anti-slip mats are firmly joined to the timber to prevent any displacement between mat and timber during loading processes. The squared timbers have a narrow right-angled cross-section to prevent them rolling.


Under precast concrete parts, loose pipes, pipe packages, steel girders, reinforcing steel mesh and other general cargo that cannot be palletised

Maximum loading of Regupol® 7210 LS plus

250 t/m² = 2.50 N/mm² when 8 mm thick

Sliding friction coefficient μD

Sheet 15 of Directive VDI 2700, define the minimum requirements for anti-slip mats’ friction coefficients. The Regupol® anti-slip mats easily exceed these minimum requirements by 15-50 % depending on the friction elements. Because the given circumstances are hard to calculate in practice (moisture, soiled load floor), a value of 0.6 μ should be the base for calculations (which is also recommended by sheet 15 of VDI 2700).