Usain Bolt got nothing but good words for his Regupol Tartan Track

Coach and athletes speak of improved performances. In recently published statements, the undefeated world record holder and world champion in the 100m and 200m sprints as well as world champion with the Jamaican 4 x 100 m relay team, Usain Bolt has found nothing but good words for his Regupol tartan track in Jamaica.

In the year 2010, the Bad Berleburg/Germany based sports-flooring manufacturer BSW had erected an IAAF certified Regupol running track for Bolt on the premises of the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Kingston/Jamaica. Ever since Bolt and his teammates of the “Racers Club of Jamaica” under coach Glen Mills have been doing their training on this track.

“My Regupol track has been sizzling” says Usain Bolt. “The improved performances by each athlete show the work being done on the track”. And he adds: “This track has allowed us to do all the sprint training to perform on the big day”.

Before the Regupol track at the UWI Campus was completed by the BSW specialists in spring 2010, Glen Mills and his athletes of the Racers Club had to do their training on a worn out, rock-hard track at the National Stadium in Kingston. Several years earlier a competitor of BSW had installed a synthetic track there.

As the track at the National Stadium was extremely hard, Bolt and teammates constantly complained about shin- and muscle pains. Since injuries had to be prevented, most of the training sessions of the superstars tock place on a nearby natural grass track, basically on  a meadow. Only once a week, maximum twice, Glen Mills had his runners trained in the stadium. And this only for short sequences. Only since the Regupol track has been completed – in the meantime there are three of their kind on the island of Jamaica, Regupol track No. 4 is going to be completed in summer – the speed training can be done in daily turns, as the athletes do not fear injuries anymore.

In addition, the optimal physical properties of the Regupol tracks do not change, even after many years.  The surface does not harden noticeably, even in the harsh climate of the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Therefore Bolt says: “I do my daily training on my Regupol track for over 4 years now and it still feels like its brand new”.

The ca. 60 top athletes of the Racers Club really do beat the track surface up. Even during their regular training sessions they wear shoes with razorblade-sharp spikes. The wearing top surface from EPDM rubber and Polyurethane is getting really abused, specifically in the so called “high stress-areas”, like at the starts.

The specialists from Bad Berleburg are sporadically monitoring the track and will, according to their contract with Usain Bolt, professionally repair these areas to make sure the track shall perform equally good in all areas. This is very important to the extremely sensitive top athletes.

Bolt: “The track recently showed some wear in the start and other high stress areas. Well, we really chew it up with our spike shoes. A Regupol – technician fixed it within a couple of days. The repaired areas do perform like the rest of the track. This product is great.”

BSW’s  Export Director Peter Breuer, who travels  to Jamaica frequently and meets with Usain Bolt, Glen Mills and the other top athletes often is happy about such statements: “We are really very proud of having such super athletes as ambassadors. It is very satisfying to know how happy they are now about the great properties of our product. Right after the London Olympics coach Glen had already made a statement that the great performances of his runners in London had also to do with the outstanding  training conditions they do find on our track”.

Immediately after the Olympic Games in London Glen Mills said: “....the Regupol track at our training- and performance center at UWI Mona has definitely contributed to the fine performance of our athletes in London. Bolt, Blake and all members of my Racers Club do enjoy their daily training on the Regupol AG - track. The surface performes great and is most consistant! I am getting zero complaints from any of our athletes and what is even more important:  We have not had any injuries ever since we do our training on the Regupol track! Training conditions could not be better! I can highly recommend the use of Regupol surfaces for training and competition to any coach in the world!”

“Back then the track was rather new”, says Breuer. “Now, after 4 ½ years our track surface shows its outstanding quality. No one else is really getting close to this."

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Usain Bolt got nothing but good words for his Regupol Tartan Track REGUPOL BSW GmbHUsain Bolt got nothing but good words for his Regupol Tartan Track REGUPOL BSW GmbH