Regupol sPORTrack first used at the Malmö Games

Top international athletes will prove themselves on 25 February at Malmö in Sweden. For the first time at this major event, a flooring system has been developed, which can be set out and dismantled again very quickly, offering athletes a homogeneous, apparently seamless high-performance athletics surface.

The sports event was founded by former Olympic athletes and will take place for the first time in 2015. At the Malmö Arena, athletes will be tested in the disciplines of sprinting, long jump, high jump and pole vault. The arena is otherwise used for various sports and entertainment events and cannot therefore have a permanent sports surface.

To offer a portable high-performance covering while reducing the set-up and dismantling time, in conjunction with Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG (HARO), a worldwide leading specialist in wooden floors, BSW has developed a concept that does not delay events for long. Regupol sPORTrack is the result of joint development work. The patented wooden floor panels from HARO form the foundation for the world-famous Regupol AG tartan track. The panels, measuring 2.14m x 1.07m were transported to Sweden in boxes from the production site in Germany. They can be joined together on-site using the patented connector system. With Regupol sPORTrack, BSW presents an innovative product, ideally suited for events such as the Malmö Games. The entire sports facility can be set up in just a few days using the flexible system, and straight after the event it can be dismantled and re-packed in boxes. The run-up tracks for long jump and pole vault were manufactured directly in Sweden by BSW installers, and have been tested by the Swedish long jumper Erica Jarder, who found them to be excellent. The 60m track however, will only be put together two days before the Malmö Games. BSW, the organiser of the Malmö Games, and all athletes, hope for an excellent performance and await 25 February with impatience.

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Regupol sPORTrack first used at the Malmö Games REGUPOL BSW GmbHRegupol sPORTrack first used at the Malmö Games REGUPOL BSW GmbH