Quality Features for BSW tatami Martial Arts Mats

Our Martial Arts Mats are phthalate-free

BSW Martial Arts Mats are phthalate-free

In our everyday lives, we unknowingly encounter phthalates on a daily basis, whether in our food, sports articles, wall papers, floorings or in low-quality martial arts mats.

Phthalates are chemical compounds used as softeners in the manufacturing of plastics to provide an entire range of products with elastic properties. Through skin contact or food consumption, phthalates find their way onto or into the human body. Investigations have shown that they can have negative effects on health.

That’s why the cover fabrics on BSW martial arts mats are phthalate-free (in acc. with German Consumer Goods Ordinance, appendix 1(on section 3)). This is confirmed by the results of tests carried out by the eco-Institute in Cologne, where our products are tested in accordance with DIN EN 15777 for the most common phthalates.

Quality Features for BSW tatami Martial Arts Mats

ISO 9001 - Quality management

ISO 9001 contains the minimum requirements for a company’s quality management system. It is widely used both nationally and internationally. Maintenance of these high quality standards relating to customer satisfaction, product and service quality is confirmed by the certificate issued by the German technical standards authority, TÜV. The quality of BSW martial arts mats fully complies with the high standards demanded by the strict quality management system. As external audits are carried out on a regular basis, a consistently high level of quality assurance is guaranteed.

Quality Features for BSW tatami Martial Arts Mats

ISO 14001 - Environmental management

This standard for environmental management systems is recognised and applied all over the world. Companies with this certification meet all operational environmental protection requirements. The aim is to protect our environment by reducing the burdens placed on it. Compliance with these standards is
attested by the certificate and is subject to regular controls and audits. This is a guarantee by and for BSW, verified by TÜV, that neither the mats nor the production facilities are harmful to the environment.

Quality Features for BSW tatami Martial Arts Mats

ISO 50001 - Energy management

The TÜV tested ISO 50001 standard concerns energy management and deals with the constant improvement of energyrelated performance. The desired objectives are the raising of energy efficiency and the optimization of energy use. This energy management system can be integrated into existing management systems, such as those in accordance with ISO 14001 or ISO 9001. The TÜV certificate confirms that energy consumption for the production of BSW martial arts mats is kept as low as possible and attention is focussed on maintaining energy efficiency targets.

Quality Features for BSW tatami Martial Arts Mats

OHSAS 18001 - Occupational health and safety management

This standard is the basis for occupational health and safety management systems and serves to increase safety and reduce accidents and illness in order to avoid lengthy absentee periods. Workforce protection, work safety, and health protection are the central aspects of this norm, which is tested by TÜV and is a globally recognised standard for occupational health and safety management. The OHSAS 18001 is compatible with the above mentioned ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. The certificate is valid for three years, but is subject to annual monitoring in a compliance audit.

Product Testing by eco-Institut

The eco-Institut in cologne is an independent business with more than 25 years of professional experience. One of their main tasks are chemical, analytical and physical lab tests for globally operating manufacturers, trading companies, importers and exporters. For example, the eco-Institut examines and tests floor coverings, mattresses and beddings, furnitures and consumer goods. Further tasks are reviews as well as the development of quality requirements.

For further information please visit eco-Institut in Cologne.