Cost Comparison vs. Safety Tiles

Playground safety surfaces made of rubber are a versatile – and in the long term cost-effective – alternative to loose fill surfaces of sand, mulch, or wood chips.

Diagram Cost Comparison - Safety Tiles or Sand

The economic viability of Regupol® safety surfaces in long term comparison with loose fill materials can be proven if over and above the costs of the initial purchase and installation, one also considers the ongoing costs for maintenance and upkeep. Because over a period of ten years the expensive maintenance and renewal measures required for loose fill materials generate costs up to two times higher than Regupol® impact protection. Even after four years the initial cost advantage of sand, for instance, has been exhausted, and thereafter the costs increase significantly. The following comparison is based on the assumption that the sand is properly cleaned and maintained.

The diagram shows the long term development of costs of Regupol® safety surfacing compared with sand. By year four the cost of sand exceeds that of Regupol®. After ten years the cost has risen to almost double. This is an example calculation that only gives a guideline indication. The individual prices are subject to fluctuation. The costs for sand and labour charges as listed only apply to German standards.

Example Calculation

Regupol® Safety Tiles Sand
100 m² Regupol® Safety Tiles, accessories, working time o a prepared surface40 m³ sand on a prepared surface
Costs 1 m² = 61.50 EURCosts 1 m² = 24 EUR
Costs 100 m² = 6.150 EURCosts 100 m² = 2.400 EUR
Cleaning 100 m² Regupol® Safety Tiles with high-pressure cleanerAnnual replacement of 10 m³ sand, annual cleaning of sand, loosening and spreading the surface to maintain the required depth.
Costs 2 hours/year at 30 EUR = 60 EUR Costs to change old sand 10 m³ = 600 EUR
Cleaning costs 385 EUR calculated at 3.30 EUR/m²+ travel costs
Installation 6,150 EUR/10 yearsInstallation 2,400 EUR/10 years
Costs 1 year = 615 EURCosts 1 year = 240 EUR
Maintenance 60 EUR x 10 yearsMaintenance 985 EUR x 10 years
Costs 600 EURCosts 9,850 EUR
Total costs 675 EUR/yearTotal costs 1,225 EUR/year