How can I fasten Regupol® / Regufoam® to outside walls and rising structures? And why can't I fasten resilient materials for decoupling structure-borne sound with commercially available insulation rawlplugs?

When it comes to decoupling vibrations from the foundations of buildings or outer walls of tunnels, and when it comes to machine foundation insulation, lateral insulation is provided with Regupol® / Regufoam® insulation panels. These are fastened preferably with polyurethane-based one-component PU adhesive Keraflex®. The surface should be capable of taking loads, clean and dry, and free of dust and grease. The adhesive is applied manually or with an air gun.

Mechanical application to larger areas is carried out with Regupol® installation aids. More information is available here on request or in the LOGIN section. It is not advisable to fasten Regupol® and Regufoam® mechanically to vertical surfaces using commercially available insulation rawlplugs because of the resulting transmission of structure-borne noise.