Our Service

BSW gives you the contact of specialist planners, who can find individual solutions for your project.

Please proceed as follows:

  • Ask the BSW customer consultant for specialist planners for your project.
  • BSW will support you by referring specialist planners who are specialised to deal with your requirements.
  • The engineering bureau contracted by you will provide an optimal building acoustic or vibration engineering solution taking into account technical and economic aspects.
  • BSW and the relevant engineering bureau will also be available to assist you during installation.


  • Please call us: +49 2751 803-0
  • or send us your request.
Our Service

The dimensioning of vibration insulation measures is the task of a specialist planner. Only such a planner can evaluate the complex building dynamics situation.

BSW specialises in the production of high-performance elastomers for a broad range of vibration insulation tasks. This includes the use of elastomers for impact noise insulation in heavy-duty areas and extends to elastomers for the use in rail traffic or vibration reduction for building foundations.

Specialist planners / consultants handle the complex tasks involved in a comprehensive building dynamics analysis. We have completed a large number of projects, have many years of experience and will gladly refer you to an appropriate specialist planner who has the specialist knowledge to deal with your requirements.

BSW provides building dynamics specialist planners with extensive technical data and experience with the materials Regupol® and Regufoam®. In case the standard range of BSW does not provide a solution, the specialist planner may develop a suitable, individual solution in cooperation with BSW.

Our download area provides specialist planners with extensive information concerning the special elastomers Regupol® and Regufoam®.