Point Decoupling

Because of the high point loads in foundations with poles and supports, elastomers with a high load-bearing capacity are typically used for vibration decoupling. The elastomers should already be included in the plan at an early stage to make sure that the vibration isolation can increase the security of the entire structure.

The pile cap structure can be optimised by keeping the pressure on the elastomer constant by varying the measurements. The result is an even deformation and isolation behaviour of the entire foundation construction and the elastomers.

The foundation structure should be rigid as well so as to activate adjoining parts of the overall structure as dynamic masses and to reduce structural vibrations.

Graphic Point decoupling of a building foundation

Point decoupling of a building foundation with Regupol® / Regufoam® vibration damping material:

  1. natural surface
  2. impedance plate
  3. Regupol® / Regufoam® vibration isolation
  4. foundation plate
  5. basement wall
  6. floor slab